What Team Members Do I Need?

When customers partner with Enlyt Health they are starting with an app that is already 60% complete. Through the use of our software development kits (SDKs) and toolsets, clients have access to a strong base code for a high-quality healthcare services app. However, a team of developers is still needed in order to drop this code into the Enlyt Health platform, as well as build the remaining 40% of the app into a product that represents your company’s brand and fulfills your mission. Building a team of developers can be confusing if you’re not sure what to look for, so here is our suggestion for what your team should look like.


Solution Architect

This position essentially manages the overall scope of the project. They are in charge of understanding how everything comes together and breaking down tasks into tickets that can then be assigned to developers and designers.


UI/UK Designer

This position is in charge of designing what the user experience should look like down to the very last pixel. They should work closely with the developers in customizing your application.


Salesforce Engineer

Nine times out of ten, our customers also choose to make an investment in Salesforce. This position is responsible for implementing the tools offered by Salesforce and managing the flow of data back and forth between the two systems.


API Developer

This developer works on integrating third-party services by creating API layers. They also play a large role in the jobs of the React Native and React JS Developers.


React Native Developers

Because the Enlyt Health platform works with native iOS and Android, these developers target those experiences to design and implement user interface components.


React JS Developers

These developers perform similar functions; however, they work through Javascript in order to optimize your application for the web.


QA Engineer

This position provides testing that ensures the smooth running of your application.

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