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Building an app for any organization can be a tough ordeal. Finding solutions that alleviate those headaches is crucial, but so is making sure that your apps aren’t compromising quality.

Enlyt Health, built on the TriFin platform, provides a whole set of mobile tools to build modern Digital Front Door apps. In this article, we’ll be highlighting what we deliver for mobile capabilities on Enlyt’s Mission Control tool.

The Git Repository at the top of your screen allows you to deliver pre-built code for Enlyt Health that aligns to all of the patient engagement use cases and components as well as other technical pieces for developers.

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It also provides a developer experience and workflow. This is where you see the Dev, Stage, Production sections, which represent the three pertinent environments for app building processes.

Our Cloud Build takes the code that developers added as Git Repo and compiles it to deploy it to the Apple App Store or Google Play store.

By checking in code, developers can leverage these Cloud Builds to help deliver quality builds to production – leading to a seamless deployment to your end user.

These different mobile tools make sure your builds are working properly and that they are complete across any number of data points and details. Enlyt provides you clear visibility throughout the development process.

The key here is prebuilt codes and streamlined workflows to help you go through the app development process without any headaches. Deploying these apps to store without having to manually develop or upload them saves time and headaches when deploying.

Leveraging Enlyt’s app-building tools will optimize your workflow without ever sacrificing the quality of your care to patients.

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