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Over the past three months, TriFin has been going through internal HIPAA audits, SOC 2 controls, and other procedures to bolster its platform. While it’s been a complex process, TriFin has been able to maximize its efficiency through these various audits.

As a company aimed at delivering modern, scalable, and secure low-code platforms for different organizations, this process has been invaluable. In this article, we’ll be discussing the various procedures that TriFin has gone through over the past few months and what other companies can take away from going through these processes.

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HIPAA Accreditation

There are many questions surrounding the idea of HIPAA accreditation, or HIPAA certification. The truth is, there are currently no HHS-mandated HIPAA certification processes that companies can go through.

With that being said, many organizations consider themselves “HIPAA certified” because they passed a third-party organization’s HIPAA compliance program. This also means that they’ve implemented HIPAA-related mechanisms to maintain compliance.

One of the reasons why the Department of Health and Human Services doesn’t have a dedicated HIPAA compliance test is because HIPAA is an ongoing process. The regulations are always changing, meaning a company that’s “HIPAA compliant” now won’t be so in the future.

This doesn’t mean that companies should negate HIPAA-related rules and practices. In fact, it’s heavily recommended that all staff in healthcare-related organizations receive HIPAA training.

While there aren’t any HHS-endorsed HIPAA training programs, third-party organizations offer adults that confirm your organization as compliant and knowledgeable on HIPAA regulations. In a world where digital healthcare solutions are becoming prevalent and healthcare providers need reliable vendors for building scalable healthcare apps and solutions, HIPAA compliance is crucial.

By getting accreditation for HIPAA compliance, TriFin is bolstering its ability to deliver effective healthcare solutions alongside Enlyt Health’s digital healthcare programs.


SOC 2 Audits

In a similar vein, information security is a crucial box to check off for organizations dealing with healthcare data and patient information. Mishandled data can lead to privacy breaches, data theft, and other unwanted crimes.

SOC 2 is an auditing procedure that ensures that your service providers are securely managing your data to protect the interests of the organization and its clients. SOC 2 is often a minimum requirement for SaaS providers and other businesses.

SOC 2 audits focus on five principles: security, availability, processing integrity, confidentiality, and privacy. Auditors focus on how organizations comply with each of the five trust principles based on their systems and rules.

How secure is your organization against unauthorized access? Do you have things such as two-factor authentication in place?

How available are your services and products? Does your system achieve its intended purpose when it comes to data processing?

Things like encryption of sensitive information and confidential data are heavily scrutinized during SOC 2 audits. Privacy, above all, is a crucial component of your audits, especially for organizations dealing with patient information.

SOC 2 audits aren’t requirements for many SaaS and cloud-computing vendors. However, it provides an aura of security and legitimacy, which is valuable for organizations dealing with digital healthcare solutions.

The more affirmation you have towards the security and integrity of your systems, the more patients, organizations, and other parties are going to trust your services. Compliance with SOC 2 audit expectations bolsters your security from DDoS and other attacks.


What Can Be Learned?

TriFin has been undergoing these various audits, training, and certifications for months. While it was a daunting prospect from the beginning, it’s been an incredibly valuable experience for the entire organization.

When it comes to digital healthcare, protecting patient information by not only employing comprehensive security measures but also building reliable systems to store and carry out specific information is crucial. As a company that works with healthcare-related organizations, TriFin has found gratitude in undergoing these audits.

It begs the question of why organizations wait to get these certifications. It not only bolsters your own security but improves your status and legitimacy among patients and clientele.

No matter the time it takes to complete audits and to train your team on HIPAA regulations, it’s always going to be worth it if it delivers a safer, more reliable service to patients in the healthcare industry.

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