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When it comes to dealing with client information and sensitive data, you typically want to offer as much comprehensive security as possible. When you search for Digital Front Door vendors, you don’t want someone who skimps on these features.

But even if a vendor provides a good set of security features, they should be going above and beyond before you decide to strike up a deal. That’s why TriFin offers a comprehensive encryption suite to make sure your client and patient information is never exposed to unwanted parties.

In this article, we’ll be exploring what these tools are and how they can be leveraged to provide safer access to patient information.

The Value of Encryption

While digital healthcare solutions are becoming more commonplace, the fears and insecurities about patient privacy and data storage become more prevalent.

To combat these fears, providers need proper security measures to make sure intruders are never interacting with patient information under any circumstances. This can be done through two-factor authentication and, in this article’s case, through encryption.

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Encryption is essentially filtering specific pieces of information to be locked through mathematics and keys. It’s crucial for e-healthcare since patients are constantly inputting their insurance information, financials, and other sensitive PHI data.

This means if/when an attempted intruder manages to get through security walls and access patient information, the data will be seen as gibberish and rendered useless. As a last line of defense against intruders, this discourages foul play and gives security the time to catch intruders as they try to decrypt the code.

The more comprehensive your encryptions are, the more secure patient information will be.

What TriFin Brings to the Table

We offer the ability to encrypt data on the TriFin platform. Whether it’s HIPAA, SOC2, and other main compliance standards require encryption and a whole set of tools to be present. This is to protect user information.

TriFin offers users the ability to generate Enlyt platform managed keys to make sure that the data is encrypted. We’re allowing customers to provide their own keys as well. TriFin’s platform will provide the tools and processes to bring their keys into the system.

This allows greater control and better security even from the platform engineers. These tools are critical when dealing with protected information and the ability to ensure that no protected data is being exposed. We only want our clients and their users to see these types of information, hence our standardization of encryption tools.

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