In The Cloud: Google is acquiring Xively, Bluecore is on the AppExchange, and Machine Learning in Your Phone

Google makes an announcement to acquire Xively.

Last Thursday Google announces that they have acquired Xively from LogMein for $50 million. LogMein originally bought the Xively internet of things business for only $15 million in 2011. Google CEO Diane Greene Spoke of the deal earlier last week when she spoke about how important the internet of things is at the Goldman Sachs’ technology and internet conference. Google believes this deal will help them stay competitive with Amazon and Microsoft in the public cloud business.

Xively allows companies to connect to new devices and lets them manage them remotely with the ability to send data from those devices into various systems. Xively, previously a division of LogMein, earned a revenue of $3 million with $13 million in expenses in 2017.

About 45 employees from Xively will join Google.

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Bluecore Announces Salesforce Marketing Cloud Integration on the AppExchange.

Last week Bluecore announced its integration with Salesforce Marketing Cloud on the AppExchange, giving businesses the ability to connect with their customers, partners, and employees in completely new ways. Bluecore gives retail and eCommerce companies to deploy very personalized user and customer experiences with also the ability to send messages that improve engagement and performance.

Bluecore’s Marketing Cloud integration is now available on the AppExchange. It gives their customers direct access to retail-specific insights and audiences and tailors to each individual with dynamic messages based on combined customer behavior and data. Retailers can are able to react to changes in their products by sending personalized emails to customers who viewed those products or products alike in the past. Bluecore can also predict when a consumer is likely to run out of a product that they use on a regular bases. Retailers are able to proactively send reminder emails via Salesforce Marketing Cloud before a consumer buys a product somewhere else.

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Machine Learning Chips In Our Phones? AI Smartphones Will Soon Be The Norm.

Mobile phone devices could dramatically change by having a built-in AI processing unit that will increase its computing power. As of right now, smartphones that use machine learning are limited to how it processes information because it depends on cloud servers. Because of the limitations it highly affects how information is sent back and forth. However, ARM, a British company behind virtually every chip in smartphones today says they want to enable every mobile device with the power of artificial intelligence.

AI smartphones that run on their own AI software could one day be standard on all mobile devices. The project named Project Trillium would allow devices to continue running machine learning algorithms even when they are offline. This will reduce the amount of data traffic and will leave room to speed up processing, while also saving power on the mobile devices. ARM is planning to deploy their machine learning processor in smartphones by the beginning of next year.

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