Technical Pillars of Enlyt Health

One reason customers are partnering with Enlyt Health is that our point-and-click method takes away the expectation for developers to code everything by hand. By being able to drop base code directly into the platform, some customers are launching fully functioning apps in as few as 90 days. Part of this code comes from software development kits (SDKs) that customers can leverage through various companies such as Epic, Amwell, and Salesforce, that grant access to services like HER, telehealth, and CRM capabilities. The rest, however, come from toolsets available within the Enlyt Health platform.



These tools are used to open up and unlock data that come from SDKs that customers can get from companies like Epic or Salesforce. They leverage point and click capabilities that allow data flow and access, security, and a number of other components.



Enlyt Health provides customers with full mobile and web code repositories that grant access to our own SDKs. This means that from day one, customers have the tools they need to publish their application directly into the app stores.


Mobile CI/CD

Baked into the core of our toolsets are components such as mobile sign-in capability and continuous integration and deployment feature sets. This means that mobile applications for iOS and Android can be built within our cloud and employed directly into customer’s staging, developing, and production environments on App Store Connect or Google Play.



This tool encompasses much of what is listed above and more.

Through these toolsets, customers can have a healthcare services app tailored to their patients’ needs out the door and available in app stores in far less time than if they were building an app from scratch.

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