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At Enlyt Health, we understand that there is a huge gap in the mobile healthcare market. Patients are stressed out trying to balance multiple applications just to get the care they need and are looking for an app that can act as their digital front door. This is why Enlyt Health has made it their mission to help customers fulfill that need by providing a platform that makes it as easy as possible to build exactly what patients are looking for. Through the use of software development kits (SDKs) and toolsets, developers no longer have to begin coding from the ground up, and clients can receive an app ready for launch in as few as 90 days.



On top of the SDKs that customers can drop into the Enlyt Health platform, our company also provides a set of tools already at the customer’s disposal from day one. Within the core of these toolsets is a utility called Storybook. This is a multifunctional tool that is essential to building with Enlyt Health. Storybook provides a place for developers to build and test components for both mobile and web platforms. It also allows customers access to all of the new and innovative products that the Enlyt Health production team is coming up with.


Building Micro Components

Because Enlyt Health encourages its customers to work smarter, not harder, our Storybook tool encourages developers to get in the habit of building micro components. This means that code is broken down into smaller parts that can be easily managed and replicated when needed. Because of this, developers no longer have to repeat themselves when hand-coding everything. By breaking the code down into manageable pieces, it becomes simpler for developers to work with and understand. Storybook helps manage these micro components and makes them easily accessible.

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