Artificial intelligence in the form of machine learning is a new frontier that is beginning to completely transform the way businesses operate. Our Prediction.IO starter pack is a fast and effective way to get you started on your AI journey with an intelligent recommendation engine for your Salesforce Org.

Whether you want to recommend products to website visitors to grow sales, prioritize support cases, or find the best sales lead to call next, we can install, deploy, and train a solution in as little as 200 hours.

What You Get

1. Data cleansing and migration

At their core, machine learning algorithms are using data to make predictions, or assumptions, about a specific task. If the algorithm is ingesting duplicate or invalid data, you can expect the insights it provides to be inaccurate. Essentially, your data is the foundation of the algorithm, and the quality of your data will directly influence the quality of the insights you receive.

2. Dataset Creation

We will organize your data and define a dataset that the algorithm can understand.

3. Algorithm Training

The algorithm will ingest the data and be trained to ensure that the data is being processed correctly and the recommendation output is

4. Implementation and Integration

Once the algorithm is trained and ready to provide recommendations, we have a few options for where it will be embedded. Whether it is operating directly within your Salesforce Org, or as part of a web and mobile experience is dependent on your requirements.


Your Solution Options:

Product Recommendations

Deploy a product recommendation engine for fast and scalable top-line growth. If you’re selling low-ticket items, you can recommend products to website visitors based on what people like them have purchased. Or something similar to Amazon’s ‘frequently bought together’ recommendations.

For high-ticket items you can provide your sales reps with recommendations of which products the account they are trying to sell is most likely to buy.

Case Resolution

Supercharge your support team’s productivity by providing them with intelligent recommendations that ensure your agents are handling the highest priority cases, at the right time, and with the perfect solution to the problem.

Lead Scoring

What if your sales team was able to compare a prospect to every deal you have ever won or lost without having to lift a finger? That’s what is possible with Prediction.IO – crunching the numbers on all of your historical data to recommend the leads with the highest probability of success.  With insights like this readily available you can be sure your sales team is closing deals faster and more efficiently.