Application Integration

Make use of all your data

Don’t leave silo your other business applications. Unlock the true power of Salesforce and gain a 360-degree view of your business by integrating all of your business applications with the Salesforce platform. Our Salesforce team will help you integrate your Salesforce systems to other cloud/on-premise applications using both cloud APIs and middleware technology.

If your team uses a wide assortment of business applications, our team will conduct a thorough needs assessment and devise a customized integration architecture that can be implemented through the following steps:

  • Design and Development of cloud API or middle-ware integrations
  • Deployment of the integration
  • QA testing to ensure a seamless flow of data
  • Ongoing monitoring and management of the integrations
  • Making enhancements as required

You can be doing more with your Salesforce investment, let us show you how.

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