Secure Login & Authentication

At Enlyt Health, we don’t want customers to think that their only option for creating a healthcare services app is to spend months coding everything by hand. This is why our platform is built not only to make dropping in software development kits (SDKs) easy, but it also provides a number of toolsets that are available to customers from day one. One of these tools assists in patient login and authentication.


Provide your Patients a Peace of Mind

As soon as customers embark upon their journey toward better mobile healthcare, Enlyt Health ensures that they have the tools they need to reach the end. One such tool is patient login and authentication capabilities. This process uses lightweight information such as patient email addresses and phone numbers. From this, users are able to take part in a two-step authentication process. This provides patients with peace of mind, knowing that their private health information (PHI) is secure within your app. It also provides users with account recovery capabilities.


Private Information Stays Private

As developers, we want to make sure we can offer users programs that we know are secure. At the same time, we want to provide a level of integrity that allows users to trust our products. That is why authentication through Enlyt Health does not include developer access to any private health information. We want to give developers the tools to make the best app possible, but we believe that goal is achievable while still granting patients the privacy they deserve when it comes to their healthcare information.

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