Salesforce Jobs Market Couldn't Be Better! [Infographic]

Anyone that’s transitioned their career to Salesforce can agree: the market for Salesforce Jobs couldn’t be better.

If you’re looking for some inspiration to make the switch yourself, then you’ll love this infographic. It’s a short illustration of the most compelling reasons to start learning Salesforce and get the career you deserve.

Here’s an explanation of the data in the infographic:

Section 1: Salesforce Ecosystem Growth

3.3 Million new Salesforce jobs by 2022 is data that comes from the IDC’s report on the Salesforce ecosystem. If this is a reality, the annualized job growth is expected to be 65%.

Basically, the Salesforce ecosystem is growing very, very fast. Every day there are new companies signing up for Salesforce and each of these companies has to work with a partner to implement Salesforce. This is really good news for anyone that is looking to make their career on the Salesforce platform. Not to mention there are over 150,000 businesses using Salesforce and that number only continues to grow. Combine all of this with the new Salesforce offerings like Lightning essentials lowering the cost of Salesforce, and you have a really good situation.

This is important to note because I often see people debating whether Salesforce jobs will continue to be in-demand in the future.

Spoiler: they will.

The Salesforce job market is already tight (for companies!) and the growth of Salesforce will probably continue to outpace growth in the # of Salesforce certified developers, admins, and consultants. This leads to the next section.

Section 2: Salaries and Places to Work

This data was pulled from a combination of resources that were mentioned at the bottom of the infographic and is focused primarily on the U.S. I must admit that the salary data is not exactly scientific in the source’s collection methods, but it would be extremely hard to nail down the exact salaries of Salesforce professionals.

With that being said, the data shouldn’t be taken so literally that you start negotiations for a raise tomorrow. But rather to show that the salary range for Salesforce professionals is promising, to say the least.

A major benefit you will find from working with Salesforce is that there is a diverse set of places available to work. Whether that’s working for Salesforce the company, a Salesforce consultant, independent software vendors, or a Salesforce customer – the opportunities are endless.

If you choose to work for a Salesforce customer to manage and build their org, you can find yourself working in just about any industry you want. David Liu even got himself a job at Google!

Section 3: Certifications Matter

There is still much debate as to whether you really need to be certified in order to have a job in Salesforce. The fact is whether or not you believe in a certification’s merit, your employer probably does, and so does your bank account!

Survey data from the Denver user group showed that people with 2 or more certifications earned over $20,000 more than those with one or zero certifications. Meanwhile, you can teach yourself everything you need to know for these certifications for free and take most exams for $200.  There aren’t many other fields where you can self-study, take an exam, and be reputably certified in your new skills that within months can transform your earning potential.

Section 4: Demographics and Fulfillment

Salesforce and Marc Benioff, in particular, have been an incredible force in driving equality in tech. From the various survey’s conducted within the Salesforce ecosystem, there seems to be a reasonable distribution of men and women in the field. In comparison to the larger STEM fields as a whole, the Salesforce ecosystem seems to offer equal opportunities for men and women to be hired.

When it comes to quality of life at work it’s hard to find people who love their job more than people in Salesforce. According to an international study done by Mason Frank, 82% of people reported feeling valued at work. Keep in mind, at a national level only 29% of people actually feel valued at work.

Section 5: Wrapping it Up

The Salesforce ecosystem provides incredible job opportunities for people of all backgrounds. In fact, 82% of people reported that they don’t believe a college degree is necessary to do their job. So, in the end, we can look objectively at the Salesforce ecosystem and see a few things: Inexpensive access to education, valuable certifications, and a growing platform that provides you with the opportunity to earn an incredible salary.

Because of this, we declare that the Salesforce Job Market is the best ever – and the best time to start learning was yesterday!

About Shane Rostad

Shane Rostad is a marketing manager for TriFin Labs that loves to share his knowledge and learnings about tech through writing. When he's not reading you can find him exploring Florida's parks or loitering in a local coffee shop.

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