11 Salesforce AppExchange Apps to Supercharge your business

As incredible a tool Salesforce is, it just seems like there is always something that could be faster, easier, or automated that an admin can’t help with. In this situation, a Salesforce AppExchange app will be your best friend. Simply install, integrate, and deploy a solution to your Salesforce Org and completely transform your everyday workflow.

I compiled this list to point out some of the apps that I believe give you the most ‘bang for your buck’. Whether that is a free app with great functionality or a paid version that can transform the way you run your business, this list is all about value.


1. Geopointe

Geopointe is the best tool available for anything you want to do with a map. Perform geographic searches of data, Maximize productivity with route-planning, Automate geographic record assignment, and more! Our favorite part: Geopointe has an incredible API, and the ability to write custom actions that run on the map – letting us easily customize it to meet our clients’ needs.


2. Rollup helper by passage tech

This app is a Salesforce developer’s dream… simple roll-up sequences for any data sitting in Salesforce, without touching a line of code! Recently they even added the ability to create custom rollup filters to both the free and premium editions – allowing you to easily create complex data segmentation.


3. GetFeedBack

Simple feedback collection app built and managed within your Salefsorce org. Automate surveys based on activity in Salesforce and push responses into Salesforce for simple reporting and analysis.

If you want to get crazy, you can pull the responses and analyze them using IBM Watson to give you next-level insights.

4. Ebsta for LinkedIn

With 300 million users, LinkedIn is a hotbed of lead data you could be missing out on. Ebsta brings the power of Salesforce inside LinkedIn so you can take down information as you search and engage with connections.


5. Campaign Monitor

Easily create hyper-targeted email campaigns using the data living in your Salesforce org. The drag and drop builder makes creating beautiful, on-brand emails simple and fun.

6. Dataloader.io

Dataloader.io is easily the most widely used data import and export tool for Salesforce. This 100% cloud-based solution allows you to quickly and securely import, export, and delete unlimited amounts of data for your enterprise.


7. Conga Composer

Time is everyone’s most valuable resource, and that’s why Conga composer has 696 five-star reviews on the AppExchange. Conga saves you time and money by allowing you to automate document creation (think proposals, quotes, contracts, etc..), pull data directly from Salesforce, and can be used with ANY standard or custom Salesforce object.


8. Docusign for Salesforce

Are you constantly reviewing contracts, waiting for approval, and reminding your supervisor to sign the dotted line? Who isn’t… With Docusign, you are able to provide and collect digital signatures, automate approval processes, and get documents created faster by pulling data from Salesforce records. If you need any consolation, 4,541 people have left a review for Docusign leaving them with a 4.5 star rating.


9. Formassembly

A drag and drop form building tool that maps fields to any custom object in Salesforce. It’s simple customization and tons of available integrations make it the perfect tool for your web-to-anything needs.


10. Ebsta for Gmail

Ebsta makes Gmail the best overall tool for managing your calendar and inbox synced to Salesforce. With unlimited email tracking, having your Salesforce email templates available in Gmail, and the ability to sync emails and attachments to any Salesforce record, you will absolutely love this tool.


11. DupeCatcher

Duplicate data can lead to massive headaches for any Salesforce admin. With DupeCatcher, you are able to identify, block and dedupe fields in real-time when they’re being entered. Trust me, your Salesforce admin will love you for this one.


While some of these apps are easily implemented, others should be assembled by a team of experienced Salesforce developers. If you’re interested in implementing any of these apps and would like some help, we are here to help.

About Shane Rostad

Shane Rostad is a marketing manager for TriFin Labs that loves to share his knowledge and learnings about tech through writing. When he's not reading you can find him exploring Florida's parks or loitering in a local coffee shop.

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