Salesforce users now have access to Fastbase lead generation.

Great news for the 3.37 million users on Salesforce as now they will all have access to Fastbase – or ,the Google Analytics add-on that many 500 Fortune companies are already using. Salesforce clients can now sign into Fastbase, Inc’s lead database to obtain and learn more about their company’s lead information, which will include Linkedin profiles and email addresses to turn website visitors into actual prospects. All the information obtained through Fastbase can be instantly added to the company’s CRM database. This is a great add on for companies using Salesforce looking to maximize their ROI.

Fastbase had an enormous amount of success back in 2016 when it launched by providing the B2B industry with invaluable website visitor data. The new integration with Salesforce will provide its users with the same kind of data intelligence as they will be able to transform each website visitor into real prospects, resulting in more deals being closed much faster.

Salesforce clients will also be able to gain amazing insights, and real-time information on website visitors and leads to get instant answers on who their best customers are. This will eliminate a lot of the guesswork sometimes involved around who is visiting their website.

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