Reimagine the Patient Experience with Heroku and Salesforce

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Healthcare companies are at a unique point in history. Since the advent of computing, providers have only been able to make radical improvements and innovations in the office. Now, with recent advancements in security measures by platforms like Salesforce and Heroku it’s possible to begin re-imagining the patient experience from the ground up.

  • How do your patients schedule appointments?
  • How do they keep track of their medical records?
  • How do they keep a record of the medications they’re prescribed?

These, among many other are the sort of micro-experiences where you are now free to innovate and provide real value.

This is all great, but it’s spawned an entirely new problem–where do you go to build these experiences? There are a bunch of different options but they can be very tedious. You end up with a process looking like:


This is the typical approach to compliance for companies that opt to go with an IaaS provider like AWS. With Salesforce and their PaaS(Platform as a Service) Heroku, the approach is something much simpler:

This is one of many reasons why we’ve been working with leading healthcare companies to build fully-secure, HIPAA compliant, web and mobile solutions using Heroku and Salesforce.

In order to better explain the opportunities available to healthcare companies and showcase the type of innovation that’s now possible, we recently hosted a webinar in partnership with Heroku and Salesforce. The feedback we received was incredibly positive so we’ve decided to make the webinar available on-demand for anyone who wasn’t able to attend the original event.

In the webinar we cover:

  • The problems facing, and opportunities available to the healthcare industry today
  • How a Salesforce-first architecture enables healthcare companies to innovate
  • A live demo of the patient engagement app 

We were lucky enough to be joined by a couple of our really talented friends at Salesforce and Heroku: Matt Rixon, the Regional Vice President of Salesforce Platform for Healthcare and Life Sciences, and Jason Binder, an Enterprise Account Executive at Heroku.

Both of them have worked extensively with healthcare companies to help find new ways to innovate and bring value to their patients and they both deeply understand the problems facing the industry.


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Shane Rostad is a marketing manager for TriFin Labs that loves to share his knowledge and learnings about tech through writing. When he's not reading you can find him exploring Florida's parks or loitering in a local coffee shop.

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