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Creating a Connected World

RAMP iBeacon makes connecting your brick and mortar location to the IoT with beacons easier than ever. With a pre-built package of code and functionalities such as geo-mapping, push notifications, marketing automation, and more ready to be deployed to your mobile app on day one, we are able to serve up an M.V.P. in weeks rather than months.


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iBeacon Features and Functionalities

Provide Customers With an Interactive Map

With beacons spread throughout your location, you can provide customers with an interactive map to pinpoint their exact location and the distance to the marked location they are looking for. Whether people are navigating your event space or searching for the correct department, you can be sure they have directions in the palm of their hand.

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Targeted Push Notifications

Looking to alert visitors of your current promotions? Targeted push notifications allow you to send pre-determined messages to a user based on location, proximity and demographic info.

Measure Foot Traffic

Take a data-driven approach to the layout of your location. By tracking and measuring your customers’ movement throughout your location you can better understand your average customer’s behavior and tailor your displays to optimize engagement.

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Any of RAMP's Current Capabilities

Being built on the RAMP framework allows iBeacon apps to have any of RAMP’s current set of pre-built features and functionalities configured within the app. Things like Marketing automation, real-time data feeds, deep linking, and media storage and transformation are just a subset of what is possible.

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