Push Notifications and Analytics Tracking

When it comes to meeting patients’ mobile needs, more and more healthcare organizations are finding it beneficial to provide users with their own applications. At Enlyt Health, we have created a platform where customers can build, design, and test their healthcare services app. Our goal is to offer clients space where everything they need is at their fingertips. This is why our program is not only built for software development kits (SDKs) to be dropped directly into the platform but also comes with a number of toolsets already baked in. This creates easy accessibility to all of the building blocks developers needs for basic app functionality. Many of these utilities are available within our Admin toolset.


Push Notifications and SMS

The Admin toolset offers customers and developers easy access to a number of capabilities. One example of this is push notifications and SMS. Within the Admin tool, Enlyt Health has implemented Firebase, as well as other, similar tools that allow for just-in-time notifications. These can be used in the context of other API or Salesforce, which can interact with patients whenever they experience status changes or any other alteration in data.

We know that clients are focused on keeping their patients engaged with their app, which is why we aim to make the application experience as interactive as possible. It’s also why many of our customers partner with Salesforce, as their services of analyzing user data are beneficial when it comes to improving patient engagement.


Additional Components

While push notifications are a critical function within a healthcare app, the Admin toolset holds many other capabilities as well. Some examples of these are marketing integration tools and event-based tracking. These can be found within Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager, to name just a few of the components available to customers.

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