Point Solution vs Platform

When it comes to supplying patients with a mobile healthcare app, customers must decide if they want to simply buy a pre-packaged application from off the shelf or if they want to partner with a mobile platform as a service (PaaS). While there are pros and cons to each purchase, there are certain capabilities that are only available within a mobile PaaS. One example of this is offline capabilities.


Creating Offline Access

In order for customers to create offline capabilities within their healthcare services app, there must be low-level access to the application’s code that you simply cannot get when working with a pre-packaged app. When utilizing a PaaS such as Enlyt Health, however, all of our code is open for developers to see and modify as they desire. Through the toolsets that have been pre-baked into our platform, clients have access to the building blocks of basic app functionality that can act as a strong foundation for developers.


Complete Customization

While Enlyt Health may not be a pre-packaged app, it still maintains the same functionality as what customers might buy straight off the shelf. The reason clients partner with us, however, is for the customization possibilities. With Enlyt Health, your healthcare services app can be specifically tailored to your patients’ needs. Even when dropping software development kits (SDKs) into the platform, developers have control over what functions go in and which ones are left out. Apps can also be created with your company’s image in mind, functioning as a representative for your brand. When developers have direct access to the app’s code, your application can be as simple or as expansive as you desire. It also allows for updates to be pushed through, making sure your app stays relevant and encouraging patient engagement.

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