The TriFin Platform

From world-class Patient Engagement with the Enlyt Health to out-of-the-box tools and methodology with the RAMP Framework, the TriFin platform accelerates your speed to market to make your business or product successful.

What is the TriFin Platform?

It is the foundation to enable you to build applications that fit your business goals, from customer service and satisfaction, patient health to finance and beyond.

Trifin Platform
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Hybrid Code Strategy

It’s all well and good that React and React Native are the standards upon which our framework is built, BUT there is a more intelligent and thoughtful approach using both clicks and code to deliver apps and future innovation. Long gone are the days of coding an entire app front to back. Capture massive efficiency, cost savings, and un-paralleled levels of innovation by using a click focused architecture.

Ramp Hybrid Code V2
Ramp Solution Pillars V2

RAMP Solution Pillars

RAMP consists of these pre-built components so you don’t have to! No more starting an app build from the ground up. We enable you to start 60% complete on day one with the code, services, and development environment as a service to get your project moving in days and focus on coding and feature development vs. the clumsiness of implementing base code repos, coding workflow, tooling, and deployment to the app stores.

CI / CD for Mobile and Web

We simplify your app signing for both iOS and Android and will have you up and running with your app store listings and initial published apps within hours. No more spending time manually publishing to the app stores and signing your apps! We allow your teams to focus on developing code and new functionality on top of your framework vs. having to worry about keeping deployment consistent.

Ramp Ci Cd
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Ramp Admin Portal

Admin Portal

Manage Data Models and Users. View logins, API Calls, Storage, Messages delivered, and by Topic, all in one place. This is your single source of truth for Integrated web, mobile and API CI / CD Pipelines as well as integrated SMS, Push, NoSQL, Storage, GraphQL APIs, REST APIs, and Web and Mobile Git Repos.

Product Development Roles

We have been perfecting the art and science of developing web and mobile apps for over a decade with some of the biggest and most reputable brands on the planet. We know how to align teams to execute on a 90 day target and also advise on structuring teams to achieve maximum success.

Ramp Dev Roles
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