Neo4j + RAMP

Neo4j is a scalable graph database that enables software programs to effortlessly surface relationships between data across various sources and data-types.  With neo4j and our RAMP framework, we can efficiently deploy a graph database capable of powering intelligent, real-time applications in machine learning and AI, IoT, Real-time personalization, and much more.

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HardingPoint + RAMP

Grax by HardingPoint is an AI-powered, enterprise graph software built using neoj4 that is specifically tailored to extract data from your Salesforce Org. With RAMP and HardingPoint we are able to rapidly deploy a graph database to immediately unlock hidden paths to revenue, risks, and cost savings.

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What are Graph Databases?

A graph is composed of two elements: a node and a relationship. Each node is it’s own entity – a person, place, category, or any specified piece of data. The relationship defines how each node is associated.

For example, in your CRM data you can have nodes as large as sales regions, that can be related all the way down to the individual products that a specific customer has purchased within a subset of that Region.  The general-purpose structure of a graph database allows it to power almost any use-case that you can think of.

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