The white label cloud and mobile solution for healthcare payers and providers who desire connection with their members and patients.

Transform Patient Engagement With A Digital Front Door

Enlyth Health Doctors 2.0

Use Cases

Digital Front Door

Patients expect an easy to use seamless experience to track their healthcare journey. Enlyt Health provides a seamless experience to track patient healthcare journeys with the best of a multitude of technologies and features from Location and Physician finding to Telehealth, Scheduling and everything in between.

Home Health

Seamless user experience across multiple channels providing the highest quality of care for patients. Enlyt Health provides a true end to end Patient Engagement experience – which includes best in class Telehealth service. Connect seamlessly with patients as often as required. Start understanding how your patients are doing between visits and on demand.

Pharmacy Engagement

Enlyt Health provides specialty pharmacies a digital strategy to improve patient communication, therapy education, and overall outcomes.Patients need stronger education and engagement to enhance outcomes, and technology is a critical channel to bridge the gaps.

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Enlyt Key Feats

Key Engagement Features

Engage your patients with insurance, appointments, meds, referrals and ailment tracking.  Empower patients to seek out care easily with our physicians finder and instantly book an Uber to their appointment. In-App messaging creates custom care efficiencies powered by Salesforce or with the CRM of your choice and more.

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Other Features

Publish to iOS, Android and Beyond

Grant patients access to care no matter where they are, whether they’re at home or on the go. Our platform is compatible with IOS, Android, and web, meaning customers can extend their reach into app stores and beyond. By also having access to EHRs within the same platform, communication between patients and physicians can be clear and precise.

Virtual Check-in

Give patients the ability to talk to doctors and nurse practitioners using their mobile device without going to the doctor’s office.

Push Notifications

Push notifications are a critical function within a healthcare app. We know that you are focused on keeping your patients engaged, which is why Enlyt Health aims to make your application experience as interactive as possible.

Real Time Chat

Grant patients access to a pool of clinicians and/or nurse practitioners through real time chat for health assessments and more. Better serve your patient population with personalize care and attention.


Provide on-location turn-by-turn directions to appointments, labs, on-premise pharmacies and more. From physician directories and points of interests to parking and food service locations, keep your patients engaged.

Location Search

Give patients the ability to search for locations based on keyword, specialty or zip code, for fast, easy and accurate results. With an improved intake process, direct your patients to the right services, from scheduled visits, telehealth to urgent care.

Unlimited Customizations

Enlyt Health provides the framework and a set of out-of-the-box components you can customize to your brand. Build your best-in-class patient engagement application that aligns to your brand and organization.

Access to SDK Administration Tool

Manage Data Models and Users. View logins, API Calls, Storage, Messages delivered, and by Topic, all in one place. This is your single source of truth for Integrated web, mobile and API Continuous Integration / Continuous Deployment Pipelines as well as integrated SMS, Push, NoSQL, Storage, GraphQL APIs, REST APIs, and Web and Mobile Git Repos.

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Protect Sensitive Customer Data

Compliance with PCI, HIPAA, ISO, and SOC. Benefit from elastic compute and data services combined with the privacy and control of a private network.

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