Eliminating Silos

When patients move their healthcare online, finding the apps they need within the current market can quickly become overwhelming. One app may provide telehealth sessions, but another is required for accessing clinical information and communicating with doctors about prescriptions. It then requires a completely different app to access content about changing behaviors and diets based on medications and disease states. By forcing patients to juggle all of these applications we are setting up barriers between them and their ability to get well.

At Enlyt Health, we want to cut out the confusion and stress that comes from siloed healthcare applications. With our platform, customers can combine key functionality into a single app, creating the digital front door experience that both patients and physicians alike have been searching for.


Building Blocks

When it comes to providing services like electronic health records (EHRs) and telehealth, Enlyt Health knows that building from the ground up is redundant and time-consuming. This is why our platform provides the components and architecture needed to pull in software development kits (SDKs). Through this process, customers can leverage components like MyChart through Epic or telehealth through Amwell, bringing together the functions that their customers need into a single experience.

Enlyt Health also offers SDK capabilities and toolsets that meet developer needs as well. By implementing Salesforce, customers can collect and analyze patient engagement data to use in marketing and improving their app. We also offer tools for wayfinding and security, granting developers the building blocks they need to make a high-quality app, as well as the freedom to customize their product to fit their patients’ needs.


Cross-Platform Development

When patients are sick or injured, it’s important for them to have access to healthcare information and services no matter where they are. This is why Enlyt Health’s platform is compatible with IOS, Android, and web development, that way there is no limit to how customers can reach their patients. By breaking down the barriers of siloed healthcare applications and cross-platform capabilities, customers can ensure that their patients are getting the full extent of care.

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