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When it comes to using the Enlyt Health platform, many customers want to know how to implement MyChart capabilities.  Providing electronic health records (EHRs) to patients is an essential component of a successful healthcare services app, allowing users to have access to their information no matter where they are. So far, a number of our customers have found it beneficial to leverage Epic, and thus gain access to MyChart software development kits (SDKs) that can be implemented through the Enlyt Health platform.


Implementing MyChart

For customers that are leveraging Epic, the MyChart SDKs and codebases are directly accessible through Enlyt Health. This makes it easy for customers and/or their developing partners to drop these SDKs directly into the platform. Once that’s done, it’s up to the customer to decide what kind of functionality they want, whether it’s medications, vitals, messages, etc. At the moment, Enlyt Health has customers that have opened up essentially all of the components that MyChart offers within their self-submitted application.


Further Building

Once customers have implemented their desired MyChart functions, the possibilities to further build and customize their app are endless. The Enlyt Health extension marketplace offers a variety of options for customers to build on what their app can offer. One example of this is using Amwell to implement telehealth capabilities such as patient and doctor video calls. Or customers could partner with Salesforce in order to receive customer relationship management tools that promote patient engagement. Enlyt Health also offers customers an array of toolsets for capabilities such as wayfinding and security.

By choosing to create their app through Enlyt Health, customers are receiving a strong base of code they then have the freedom to customize in order to fit their image and brand. This way, customers can cater to their patient’s needs and provide them with an app that offers a singular healthcare experience.

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