From HQ Down to the Franchise - Distributed Marketing From Salesforce

Salesforce announced that they will be releasing a marketing solution unlike any available today. The solution, distributed marketing from salesforce, is said to enable corporate marketers to pre-build templates, journeys, and messaging using marketing cloud that can be passed along to franchisees such as car dealers, gyms, and restaurants.

Why is this so incredibly useful? Because building personalized customer journeys that drive higher levels of engagement and revenues is not an easy task. But once you have a ‘winning formula’ the value is enormous. Here’s what a basic customer journey could look like:

Customer Journey built with Distributed marketing from Salesforce

The goal of distributed marketing is two fold. First, it helps franchisees to craft marketing campaigns that they may not have had the resources or expertise to produce themselves. Second, it gives corporate HQ direct visibility into the metrics behind the marketing campaign.

Distributed Marketing From Salesforce


What makes this solution even more powerful is that once a customer journey is constructed and deployed down to a franchise, they have the ability to edit the campaign to drastically increase personalization. Is your franchise in a college town with a big game on the horizon? Add in a mention to the sign-up confirmation email for the next week to show your support for the local team.

In terms of gyms, here’s what Planet Fitness’ Chris Lavoie had to say: “We’re excited about Distributed Marketing from Salesforce because it’s the next step for companies like ours to empower franchise owners to communicate with their members through curated marketing journeys and on-brand content. This kind of solution will have a big impact on driving Planet Fitness memberships and member engagement,”

General availability of this solution is expected in February of 2018. Head here to see the official release from Salesforce.

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