Digital Front Door Strategy with MyChart

When customers come to Enlyt Health looking to create an all-access healthcare application, many of them want to know about MyChart. At the moment, MyChart functions as a reliable way for patients to access their electronic health records (EHRs). When it comes to building a healthcare app, EHRs are an essential part of meeting patients’ needs. That is why Enlyt Health has built a platform that allows customers to directly pull in critical components of MyChart functionality.


Implementing MyChart

The first step customers must take in order to access these components is to leverage Epic. From there, customers can request MyChart software development kits (SDKs). Once these SDKs are in the hands of developers, either a company’s in-house team or a contracted external team, they can then be dropped directly into the Enlyt Health platform. From there, it’s up to customers to decide which functions they want to include within their app, be it medication, vitals, messaging, etc. Currently, Enlyt Health has customers who have opened up essentially all of the functionality that MyChart offers.


Further Expansion

Once customers have built EHR capabilities into their app, there is no limit to how they can expand their application. Enlyt Health’s extension marketplace offers a number of other SDK providers, such as Amwell, which provides telehealth services, and Salesforce, which contains customer relationship management (CRM) capabilities. Enlyt Health also includes a number of toolsets that provide developers with base code for functions such as wayfinding and security.

Part of the appeal of Enlyt Health is the access that customers have to all of these capabilities that come together to make a high-quality healthcare services app, while also having room to customize their application and make it their own. By using SDKs and toolsets as the building blocks for your app, developers then have ample time to shape it to fit your company’s brand and fulfill your mission. It also allows customers to create an app that offers the full cycle of care to their patients.

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