Streamline Data Uploading With A Heroku Canvas App


The example you see below is the utility in action – being used to upload a survey to Salesforce with 10 different questions, and over 5 translations of each survey. You can only imagine how long it would take to manually upload 50 questions into Salesforce one at a time. Not to mention, that is for only one survey and saved hours worth of work. Now multiply that be the hundreds of surveys SureShot will be launching each year!

How it Works

Using a Heroku canvas app we are able to upload a CSV file to load various records to several different standard and custom objects. The app itself is deployed to Heroku, and using the Canvas app builder functionality of Salesforce we are able to make it accessible directly in your org. The simple UI is a custom VisualForce page where the app is embedded.

Stop spending hours doing work that can be done in minutes, contact us to learn more!