Controlling Your Patient Narrative

When it comes to providing patients with mobile healthcare services, many companies are limited to simply what is available on the market today. This means sending patients to multiple different apps just to get the full spectrum of care that they need. Often healthcare providers are at the mercy of EHR, as these essential tools are trapped within single-purpose applications. However, with Enlyt Health, customers can break down the walls of siloed healthcare and create a product that meets patients at every step of their journey to wellness.


More than a Single Service

The reason customers come to Enlyt Health is that they want to offer their patients a product that provides more than a single service. Through our platform, clients have the ability to receive software development kits (SDKs) that they can then build directly off of. Some examples of popular SDK sources are MyChart by Epic, which grants patients access to EHRs. Another is Amwell, which provides telehealth services, and Salesforce which offers CRM capabilities. Enlyt Health even has additional toolsets at their customer’s disposal which assist in developing wayfinding, security, and more.


Open for Customization

Since Enlyt Health provides their customers with a solid base of code, this means their application is already 60% done by day one. This leaves clients with complete freedom for customizing their app and making it something that represents them and their company. There is even the option within the SDKs that developers are pulling in to pick and choose which features customers want to include, that way every aspect of their app can be completely tailored to their patient’s needs.

With Enlyt Health, clients can create a healthcare services application that works for their brand and their mission. By creating a digital front door experience, customers can provide their patients with everything they’ve been looking for in a mobile healthcare app.

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