Cloudinary introduces the complete video solution for web and mobile developers

Videos are becoming the norm and are continually growing in popularity on web sites and apps. In fact, according to Cloudinary videos are starting to catch up with images as a part of companies media strategy.  This has posed substantial problems for developers as video’s have gained so much traction in what seems such a short period of time. Cloudinary has come up with a solution to solve all developer issues around video management.

Cloudinary has announced their complete cloud-based video management solution for developers. The problems developers face with videos in their web sites has always been more complex than dealing with images. Videos can be very large which can result in longer uploads and download times. 30% of Cloudinary’s customer base upload and manipulate “tens of millions” of videos on a monthly bases, and that number is growing fast.

Some of the features that Cloudinary’s complete video management solution includes:

  • Video upload API and UI widget
  • Programmable and interactive interface for managing video assets
  • Real-time video transcoding and manipulation via CDN delivery URLs
  • Customizable video player with user engagement analytics
  • Live video streaming directly from web and mobile apps
  • AI based video tagging and transcription

Cloudinary is very excited to introduce their cloud based video management service. For the full article click here to learn more.

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