In The Cloud, Weekly News Roundup

Snyk Deploys Heroku Add-On.

Snyk is a developer-first security solution that helps you use open source code and stay secure. Snyk finds and fixes known vulnerabilities and license violations in open source dependencies, so they help companies use open source code and stay secure by going beyond alerts and having the ability to continuously fix known vulnerability issues in open source libraries.  

Last week Snyk, announced it is deploying its Heroku add-on in general availability. It will enable Heroku developers to confirm their open source dependencies are secure in an easy and fully integrated way. The solution provides the security assurance that will help developers and companies to move fast and with more confidence to advanced cloud platforms, such as Heroku. Snyk will continuously monitor and fix issues in applied applications as part of its free and paid plans.

To learn more about Snyk and this Heroku add-on, click here.


eStruxture Announces Its Now Available on AWS Direct Connect.

eStruxture is a service that provides network and cloud-neutral data center solutions designed with the capability and capacity to run modern enterprise applications with high performance and flexibility. It is able to promptly scale in reaction to unpredictable changes in business processes. eStruxture works with over 850 businesses that depend on their services such as private cloud, managed and financial services, media, content, and security and support services to companies of all sizes.

Last week on Feb 7th, 2018 the network and cloud-neutral data center operator announced that customers can now directly connect their privately owned and managed IT constructed framework within the eStruxture data center to AWS via AWS Direct Connect. They are very excited that they are able to provide AWS Direct Connect to their clients, giving them the ability to provide “simple and efficient connectivity options”. This added service will enable current and new clients to maximize their IT investments within their managed spaces while occupying the flexibility of AWS.

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