In The Cloud, Weekly News Round up.

Salesforce takes on the entire state of Colorado.

The state of Colorado has chosen Salesforce as the company to modernize the Colorado Benefits Management System or CBMS.“Salesforce Analytics will provide insights on key performance indicators, enabling the state to increase operational efficiencies”. Salesforce will provide faster service to its citizens in need of food, cash, and medical assistance.  

CBMS is used by more than 5,000 county and medical assistance site employees across the state of Colorado to determine an individual’s eligibility for assistance. The prior system that was in place held up Colorado’s ability to respond to its citizens in a timely manner while also costing taxpayer dollars. So the plan is to integrate Salesforce Service Cloud and the Salesforce Platform with the new system.

To learn more about how Salesforce is going to be working with Colorado’s Benefit Management System click here.

New Google Service is making Machine Learning more available.

Last Wednesday, January 17th Google announced its release of Cloud AutoML Vision service. This Google service is the first to help people with little knowledge of machine learning create their own custom models using advanced techniques like learning2learn and transfer learning.  

Learning2learn automates the machine learning process, while transfer learning retrains an already trained model.

Google’s Cloud AutoML Vision service is all around a better way to create custom ML models for image recognition. Its plug-in play or drag and drop features make it easy for users to upload images, train and manage models, and also deploy those trained models directly to the Google Cloud. Even for users with limited ML experience can create more accurate models based on its image recognition processes.

To learn more about this tool created by Google, click here for the full article.

Comcast announces that AWS will be their preferred cloud provider.

Comcast has decided to take the majority of its cloud business to AWS. They already have an existing relationship with Amazon Web Services, however, they plan to bring most of its cloud business to one of the leading cloud heavy hitters. Comcast announced this last week and AWS is now their preferred cloud infrastructure provider. Comcast will most likely rely heavily on AWS to run its cloud products and services.

This will give more focus to Comcast customers and they will be able to create and launch more products a lot faster and with most of the cloud infrastructure being handled by AWS. Their existing relationship is now expanded and creates more opportunity for Comcast to bigger things in years to come for the cable giant. They will be able to create and launch new revenue-generating services while staying flexible in the market.

To learn more about this expansion of an existing partnership between Comcast and AWS click here.

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