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Our Challenge

Sherrill-Lubinski Corp. is a San Francisco Bay Area-based software company that develops real-time monitoring, visualization and diagnostic software for Global 1000 and mid-market companies whose businesses depend on complex, high-performance applications.

SL approached TriFin Labs to design and build RTView Cloud, a meta-aware SaaS platform to offer new and existing customers real time monitoring via web and mobile by combining features of SL’s existing product, RTView Enterprise Monitor, with the new application, RTDraw.  One of the main goals of the new application was to help cut opportunity and time costs in SL’s sales cycle. Another was to integrate key RTView Cloud customer and security data into Salesforce to secure the platform.



In creating RTView Cloud, we were tasked with the merge of SL’s current RTView Enterprise Monitor product with the new RTDraw solution. Execution called for high level of attention to UI/UX to merge the two while keeping the product user-friendly, as well as providing a powerful enterprise SaaS offer. RTView Enterprise Monitor provided framework that leverages specialized solution packages from which you can pick and choose to tailor the scope of Enterprise Monitor’s monitoring capabilities to your specific personalized needs. RTDraw allows users the dynamic ability to utilize an intelligent interface to create personalized, advanced views of different monitored elements. The merged RTView Cloud end users now have the ability to use both RTView & RTDraw on both the mobile and web app. All application tiers were secured with Auth0 Multi-tenant strategy. In the end, the app offered an improved and scalable data strategy that mitigates points of failure across the solution set.

This development resulted in a highly secure, user-friendly, and intelligent application for SL’s enterprise customer. RTView Cloud has increased speed, allowing support and development teams to collaborate and share info when escalating issues, resulting in better communication and less lag time in data transfer from team to team.

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