Our Challenge

After working with Motivate to create the SureShot App, there was something holding the SureShot team back from success. The whole app runs on surveys that have to be manually loaded into Salesforce, which is in turn displayed on the app.

Though using the Salesforce interface made entering surveys much simpler than hard-coding them each and every time, it still took a level of Salesforce expertise that their team didn’t have. This meant that we had to augment their team with one of our Salesforce resources to spend time entering survey questions… which was far from a¬†perfect solution. The perfect tool would be simple and intuitive enough for the surveys to be created by anyone on their team within minutes.

Our Solution

Coming up with a solution for this problem was not as straight-forward as we thought it would be. In order to make the process as simple as possible, we built a modified data loader to allow surveys to be generated using excel spreadsheets. The process for building surveys on the Sureshot app now consists of taking an excel spreadsheet template, filling in the fields provided, saving the document, and uploading it back into Salesforce.

We were able to make this work by building a canvas app on Heroku, connecting the canvas app back into Salesforce, and then embedding the app on a Visualforce page to run and execute the program, This page is easily accessible for the Motivate team and gives them the ability to browse local documents and upload a CSV.


This solution has drastically reduced the time needed to upload surveys from about 10 minutes per survey to now being able to load any number of surveys instantaneously.

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