The 10 Best Salesforce Apps on the AppExchange for Sales

With the launch of the new ‘Salesforce Store’ it’s now easier than ever to find an app to solve whatever problem your team is facing. This is great and all, but what if you wanted to find the best Salesforce apps for sales?  Not so easy…

That’s why we’ve taken the time to find, evaluate, and describe the apps that we believe can have the greatest impact on your sales process. This is the first of a series where we will be listing the best apps for every facet of your Salesforce deployment.

Without further ado…


Conversica – Automated Sales Assistant

Conversica is an AI tool that connects humans to humans and enables sales reps to focus their time on more important tasks instead of chasing down leads. The tool – commonly referred to as her or she – has full conversations with potential clients to determine whether its a quality lead or not… Your new AI-powered assistant doesn’t just collect data from keywords and respond with cold impersonal messages like a lot of other tools do. She is able to send personalized responses to make your customers feel they are talking with a real human. This is possible because Conversica’s technology actually understands the prospects message as a whole and responds with human-like characteristics.

Your new assistant will be able to reach out to every new lead and then funnel the “real” or qualified leads to the human sales rep. Also because the process is automated she is able to connect with leads faster than human reps ever could. So not only is it funneling quality leads to sales reps but it’s doing it quite fast. She will even continue to reach out to leads that are less responsive or less qualified until they either become a “real” leads or they wish to opt out of receiving messages from Conversica’s automated sales assistant.

Nothing slips through the cracks with this sales app. By giving your sales reps quality leads each time they speak to someone you are able to have them focus on better and more productive work task and sales strategies. Conversica doesn’t get tired and is always polite. Gathering information for your sales reps, they are going to be more prepared once the sales rep makes the first contact because of the detailed info Conversica’s automated sales assistant is able to collect during its engagement.


Starting at 2,999 – The price for Conversica is based on the number of conversations it conducts with inbound leads. However, you can easily add more features to your automated sales assistant.

What Users Have to Say:

The Conversica team are very intelligent and friendly people that got us implemented very quickly. I would highly recommend this product!” – Mark Lopez

2. – Prospector

Prospector is a native built Salesforce application that allows you to host all of your contact data without ever leaving your CRM. Prospector gives sales reps the ability to build pipelines directly within Salesforce by giving accurate and rich leads. Sales opportunities can increase by 29%.

Understanding your customer in today’s market is key, but often the information we gather is incomplete or sometimes out of date. Prospector you will have the complete and updated insights on your current and prospective customers to sell smarter. Sales and Marketing teams have the information they need with Prospector to understand buyers. You need this applicable information in the current market grows your business, allows you to do this.

With Prospector, sales reps are spending less time researching potential clients and spend more time selling with accurate and up-to-date crowdsourced contacts. This accelerates productivity for your sales team. offers 100% complete contact information and has over 85 fields of company insights. You get instant access to over 250 million quality profiles from Dun & Bradstreet which is a company that provides commercial data, analytics and insights for businesses. You also have access to roughly 45 million business contacts.


$150 USD per user per month.

What Users Have to Say:

“Ever since the beginning, I’ve loved Prospector. Having the ability to cleanse accounts through manual and automated processes is a win, win for any business. Not to mention the level of detail and accuracy from D&B allows our data to remain as cleanse and accurate for a much more positive end-user experience.” Santana Banks


Conga Composer

Conga Composer is a dynamic document generation tool that takes your Salesforce data and puts it into a document template for you. With Conga Composer you can create things like quotes, proposals, invoices, work orders, reports, contracts and more for your customers with a simple click. By using the data from Salesforce you are able to streamline the documentation process with your customers. Conga Composer will also create email templates that are sent out each month to your customers with their invoices, or you can create account plans.

In the world of automation, document generation is just as important as lead generation. Combining Conga Composer with a lead generation app will give your sales reps the ability close more often and transition into the next client much faster without a whole lot of interruption. Being able to efficiently automate and generate ANY document easily, you are able to save time, cut cost, and scale more work.


Starting at $20 USD per month per user. Conga Composer has a minimum of 10 users to start.

What Users Have to Say:

“We just got Conga Composer to help in formatting Quotes. So far it’s done exactly what we need it to do. And the Support has been fantastic!” – Rob Mouritsen


Distribution Engine

Distribution Engine is a lead assignment automation tool that makes sure your leads, opportunities, and contacts are automatically routed to the right sales rep or team member at exactly the right time. With Distribution Engine, you are able to absolutely know your leads are being followed up with and getting connected with the right rep.

With Distribution Engine, you can distribute based on location, skill set, and working hours. You can also distribute by case, opportunities, leads and much more. With this app, you also have the ability to set up alerts for missed deadlines to makes sure nothing slips through the cracks and gives you complete control over your processes.


$25 per user per month, and a minimum of 5 users on purchase. 30 day free trial included, and discounts provided on request for volume purchase.

What Users Have to Say:

“I’ve been a happy customer of nc-squared for 6 years, and the product is rock solid. The ease of use and ability to scale is unlike anything else on the market. And the support has been fantastic throughout.” – Donelle Block


Salesforce CPQ

Another native built Salesforce app for sales that have out of the box capabilities with guided selling, pricing, and discount schedules. This app can save you time while being able to create more accurate proposals so that your sales reps can close deals much faster.

Sales reps are able to pinpoint products and services for customers with guided selling to help match them with exactly what they need with precision. Sales reps are also able to create pricing and discount schedules for customers based on their budget and have the ability to apply quoting and prorated discounts over a set period of time.

With Salesforce CPQ your sales reps are also able to leverage repeat business by creating add-ons and renewals for current customers by automatically created alerts when contracts are signed. This will create reports and repeat business for your sales reps to sustain a continuous pipeline.


Starting at $75 USD per user per month.

What Users Have to Say:

“This is a great solution which makes the Sales Rep’s job much easier with a lot less room for error. The user interface is simple, it updates the opportunity so we know exactly what’s being quoted and what revenue to expect. This also saves a lot of time with double entries and switching between apps, and ensures SF is updated more frequently and accurately as well. The only critique I have is on the admin side which is a bit cumbersome.” – Etai Baker



Create opportunities for your sales reps with the leading customer relationship mapping and customer relations development app. They will be able to chart customer organizations, profile customer contacts, and target key decision makers and connect them to the right people on your team.

You will have the ability to build org charts natively right inside Salesforce with absolute integration on your contact database. Will can also export your org charts and relationship charts to Microsoft Powerpoint, Word, and Excel.

OrgChartPlus allows sales reps to see activity that involves more than one customer contact at a time, what organizations they are apart of, and their hierarchy within that organization. OrgChartPlus is fully customizable allowing you to display custom fields and images. This is a great tool for your sales reps to easily find key decision makers within different organizations.


$20 USD per user per month. Comes with a 14 day free trial and volume pricing at request.

What Users Have to Say:

“This is such a great tool for managing company to company relationships! It gives a wonderful single glance view of our partners’ structure!” – Amy Peterson


Hoopla – Sales Motivation Platform

Hoopla is an amazing sales motivation platform that creates a collaborative and competitive sales environment. It produces a high performance and positive culture within the sales team. Its able to deploy real-time sales information on the team to publicly seen TV screens, web, and mobile devices. You can make visual leaderboards, progress graphs, create sales team contest and customizable team member notifications when someone wins. This motivates and certainly generates more revenue with this positive but competitive atmosphere.

Some of the top companies in the world use Hoopla, in fact about 600 of them including Adobe, GM Financial, Zillow, IBM, Cisco, and even Verizon. Reduce turnover rates by shaping stimulating employees with a motivational environment where sales reps are rewarded based on their merit.

Import data from several systems including Salesforce to stream real-time metrics, charts, rankings. You with have the ability with Hoopla to update this information instantly across your sales team.


$399 USD per company per month.

What Users Have to Say:

“Hoopla is a fantastic way to get your whole team involved as well as keep everyone current on what is happening. We have been using hoopla for over a year now and the hoopla team has done so many great things over this past year with new features and content and their customer service has always been quick to answer questions and provide any help when we’ve needed it. I would highly recommend hoopla!” – Ashlee Carver



Yesware, an email platform specifically designed for sales. With Yesware email tracking your sales team will know who opens your emails and where, who clicks on your links and when, and who forwards your emails to others. With Yesware you can also create email templates to help you and your sales team say the right things at just the right time. Build your custom library with prospecting messages, pipeline emails, and respond with technical and support answers. With just one click you can have your emails can be synced with your Salesforce CRM.

There are so many great features Yesware provides that other email platforms just can’t perform. You are able to automatically log data to Salesforce on every email sent, opened, and received, and so much more. Sales reps are able to see who is looking at their emails and interacting with their content. By doing this reps are able to leverage this information to close deals faster. Yesware also learns your customizable tracking preferences and while also being able to change them by the click of your mouse depending on your sales strategy at the time.

Yesware also works while you are off the clock by being able to schedule emails for later dates and also being able to set alerts to follow-up on more important emails. You can send up to 200 personalized emails at a time and create email campaigns to make sure not one lead falls through the cracks. Yesware is the most comprehensive email platforms your sales team can use to ensure reps are getting the most out of their time.


$12 USD per user per month. With Salesforce integration, users will have full access to Yesware Enterprise. Then the plan starts at $55 per month after a 4-week free trial.

What Users Have to Say:

“We moved from Cirrus to Yesware about 6 months ago and haven’t looked back since! It’s easy to use, adds real value to the sales process and the team at Yesware are responsive and eager to help. Highly recommended.” – Tom Glason



MapAnything turns Salesforce into an interactive map-centric experience. It enables your sales reps to make more money in the office or out on the field by cutting down on time planning, driving, and tracking field activities. Your sales reps are able to display all of their Salesforce data, see all off your accounts, log calls, send emails and create new events and tasks from the map.

With MapAnything you are able to easily plan out your trips in the field to maximize your ability to visit as many of your accounts in a day.  While also being able to see new sales targets and create Salesforce data on those new prospects within seconds. You are able to a create a real-time interactive mapping of your Salesforce data and manage existing accounts while being able to actualize lead generation at the same time. This super easy to use app is so much more than just a mapping app. Quickly learn why so many use this app to increase sales and leverage its features to boost field productivity and improve your planning and analytics with MapAnything.


Starting at $39 per user per month. This price is for the starter edition but add-on features are available on their site.

What Users Have to Say:

“As a Salesforce Account manager, I look forward to connecting my clients with Map Anything’s solutions, and more specifically Thomas Charping a MapAnything account rep. Clean, easy to use product, and always a success with my clients. Highly recommended!” – Nick Labo



Groove is Gmail and Google Calendar integration for Salesforce that allows you to sync and update data directly to Salesforce from your Gmail account. With all-in-one analytic features, sales reps can view activity and process those analytics based on their job roles. Installation is easy and you will notice some really cool features added to Gmail and Google Calendar right from the start. For example, once you are in the compose window you will see the Groove button at the bottom that allows you to access all the productivity features. Like schedule emails to go out at a later time set follow up reminders, create meetings in the meeting scheduler tab, and also create email templates.

With Groove, if you open or compose an email a sidebar will appear and display related data from Salesforce. With just a few clicks in the sidebar, you are able to create new leads, contacts, and other Salesforce records. Groove will also help augment productivity for your sales reps with the ability to track emails, set follow-up reminders and schedule email campaigns. Groove is a simple user-friendly engagement platform that delivers everything it says it does. Many companies rely on Groove to enhance their sales capabilities.


Starting at $30 USD per user per month with volume discounts available.

What Users Have to Say:

“Groove is an amazingly useful app that is highly customizable. Our team has realized tremendous efficiency gains.” – Michael Lee

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