Salesforce Implementation Costs – Uncovering the Real Cost of Salesforce

It seems like it’s impossible to get a straightforward answer about the costs of implementing Salesforce. Forrester tried to simplify it with the theory that every $1 you spend in licensing will equate to $.75-$1 in implementation costs but you will find that doesn’t really tell you anything…

What is Heroku? A Simple Explanation for Non-Techies

You’re looking for an answer to your prayers when you stumble on Heroku, a Platform as a Service that can handle all of these things for you. This is great, but you still don’t understand exactly how it works.

6 Guidelines for Using Technical Assignments When Interviewing Software Engineers

Apply the following guidelines to ensure you’re creating a technical assignment that will not only identify whether or not your candidate has the necessary skill set, but will also ensure your candidates have a clear understanding of what exactly you’re asking them to accomplish.