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Customers come to Enlyt Health because they want to offer their patients access to mobile healthcare in a way that isn’t available in the app store today. Often patients have to balance multiple healthcare applications at once in order to receive the full range of care. Through our platform, customers can create a user experience that addresses all of their needs in a single place, removing confusion and stress so that patients can focus solely on managing their illness or injury and the healing process.


Building with SDKs

A large part of what Enlyt Health brings to the table is the ability to drop software development kits (SDKs) directly into the platform. This way, customers can leverage with companies like Epic, Amwell, and Hubspot to pull in various features like EHR and telehealth. Despite using a prewritten base of code, there are still endless ways that clients can customize their app and make it their own. For one, developers can pull specific features that customers want to include out of each SDK, meaning that clients can create a combination of capabilities within their app that has never been offered before, providing a service that fits their patients’ specific needs.


Engaging Patients

One of the SDKs that are available to be dropped into the Enlyt Health platform comes from leveraging Salesforce. Its code is based on granting customer relationship management tools. With Salesforce capabilities, clients can collect and analyze patient usage data. With this information, developers can increase user engagement and create updates that target patient needs.

Enlyt Health wants to place the control back in the hands of their customers. By offering a solid base code, yet still providing ample room for clients to customize their apps, customers can have an application that supports their mission and brand in as few as 90 days.

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