Adidas Chooses Salesforce for it’s new Personalization App.

“To you, for you, with you” is Adidas new slogan for the newly released personalized shopping app. This new app uses Salesforce technology which includes the platform’s commerce cloud, marketing cloud, and service cloud. It was revealed at the Dreamforce conference in San Francisco earlier this month.

The app is supposed to offer a personalized shopping experience by learning consumer preferences and behaviors as it’s being used,

It will also offer product recommendations and fashion inspired looks based on articles, videos, blog posts, and real-time updates with the sports and athletes that you’re most interested in.

The new app is essentially tailored to your preferences and behaviors to make it extremely convenient for its users to:

  • Purchase products
  • Track orders
  • Interact with a customized news feed
  • Chat with a customer service rep if they have any questions

Overall the app is a great and comprehensive tool that makes it easier for you as the consumer to purchase Adidas products. And Adidas intentions are simple, to build a better and more direct relationship with its consumer.

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