About Us

A few short years ago TriFin Labs started with a few simple questions:

  • Most apps are made up of the same components, so why do we recreate the wheel every time?
  • Why not use best of breed technologies, and modern development methodologies to drastically cut down the time to launch?
  • Why create silo’d applications that aren’t connected to your enterprise systems?

To us, it seemed the way most companies were building apps was archaic. So we thought – let’s pre-build features, functionalities, and integrations that are used again and again as deployable ‘modules’, stand up Salesforce as the back-end, and deploy the app on Heroku’s Platform-as-a-Service.

This became the foundation of our web and mobile development framework, RAMP.

We’re now equal parts Salesforce consultants, helping companies implement and customize the platform for significant ROI; and software developers, building web and mobile apps for companies ranging from startup to enterprise.


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Meet Our Executive Team:

Scott Fielder - Chief Executive Officer

Scott has 15 years of technology leadership experience focused on cloud, mobile, and emerging technologies. Before founding TriFin Labs, Scott spent 6 years at Salesforce as a premier architect and thought leader around IoT and consumer scale web and mobile applications built using the Salesforce platform.

Scott Fielder

Ryan Blachly - VP Business Development

Ryan is in charge of developing and executing sales and marketing plans, including implementing new ideas and tools for TriFin Labs. With 10 + years of Marketing and business development experience, along with his MBA from NYIT, Blachly helps lead the TriFin Marketing and Sales team.

Brandon Holcombe - VP Creative

Brandon is a multidisciplinary designer with over 19 years of experience and specializes in User Experience and User Interface Design, Product Branding as well as extensive experience in modern web development.


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