TriFin Labs Web & Mobile Framework for Heroku & Salesforce

RAMP is the fastest and most complete framework to build custom web and mobile apps for Heroku and Salesforce. Why start from scratch when RAMP takes you to 60% completion? Deliver your game changing business or consumer app that let’s you focus on delivering value add functionality and a beautiful user experience to your audience.


Single code base for Web and Mobile (iOS/Android) Deployable
Authentication & Authorization (Social Login & DB)
Push Notifications
Publish & Subscribe Data Feeds
Offline Sync
Real time Chat
Image & Video Storage / Transformation
Deep Links
(integrate to 100’s of tools)
Marketing Automation
Built for Heroku Connect
App Mission Control in Salesforce


60% of traditional app build complete!

Develop apps in weeks vs. months

Focus on business cases & valuable use cases

Easily integrate beautiful user interface

ALL about the enterprise – Salesforce!
Sell / Service / Market

What can you build?