The world is demanding power every day and this demand starts with us. We need energy to live, but we never really stop to think about the impact it has on our futures. Our homes are the start of the problem, but at Hibrid we also believe they can be the solution! Hibrid's goal is to help empower the movement and help people understand the simple economics of saving money through innovation.


The Hibrid team presented a unique project in constructing and implementing an intuitive, vibrant IoT app that helps homeowners easily visualize insight as to how appliances throughout their homes use energy and where they can conserve.


To ensure that the navigation process of the app was easy for users, the TriFin UX team created wireframes and mapped out the intricacies of the app. Designing side by side with the Hibrid team to create the perfect experience for home owners was key to the success of the myHibrid app. Following the design process, TriFin’s team created the required features needed to foster a fully functional application for homeowners on all platforms. With a wealth of experience in optimizing applications for consumption, TriFin’s development team constructed the technology required to build the connection from the home to the home owners various devices. 


TriFin’s team built and developed a unique IoT application focused on increasing homeowners' ability to track & monitor their home’s energy usage from anywhere. This interactive home mapping and dynamic data visualization platform will help millions control their energy consumption and save!



Solution Components

Heroku Postgres