The Future of Fishing FishBetter started as an idea, by fishermen for fishermen. Tired of the old fashioned run of the mill fishing tournaments, the idea behind creating a functional, complex, but easy to use application for anglers to compete directly on their mobile device was born. With no existing app and as a fresh startup, the team at TriFin Labs had an empty canvas to help create the future of fishing.


The biggest challenge was to make the app as user friendly as possible since the target audience would be using the app in the elements. We had to ensure the experience was clean, direct, and fluid on both the app and the web. Once UI was ready we faced another challenge in creating an app that seamlessly bridges the competitors in ‘tournament mode’ to follow the unique set of rules for each tournament. Our team needed make sure the backend had a defining set of rules which would be based on conditional statements designed by the tournament creator. Ensuring a synonymous experience on both iOS & Android as well as on the web. This was extremely important to ensure smooth cohesion for all users.


Fun and Creative We went through the User Experience with a fine toothed comb, in our effort to create a truly modern, and forward-thinking product. TriFin’s product and design teams sketched out a series of ideas, which eventually evolved into a set of wireframes based around the idea of a simplistic and fun experience for the user. Our platform allows FishBetter users to create and design tournaments with their own unique details. From choosing tournament name and schedule, to setting the fully functional map boundaries and uploading video/photo promos…the user has all the power! Create a Tournament We gave users the ability to adjust and create their tournaments on the fly. Join a Tournament Designing a simple search feature was key to making sure user experience was top notch. When ready to join, we made the tournament details and payment process succinct to make the process fast and seamless. Live Tournament Giving the competitors real time view of the leaderboard fuels the action. We also implemented live chat for social engagement among competitors.


FishBetter has been released with great reviews from users on both iOS and Android. The future of fishing is now in the palm of anglers hands throughout the country.


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Solution Components

Ionic Framework
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Heroku Connect